New Millennium Constitutionalism: Paradigms of Reality and Challenges

Published on the Initiative and with a Foreword of Dr. G.G. HARUTYUNYAN

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Jean Carzou
(Karneg Zouloumian)
Communication II
1985, Lithograph, edition 32/36
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From the collection of Dr. and Mrs. Raffy and Vicki Shoghag Hovanessian

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Dear reader,

The birth of this Volume is due to the demand for new solutions, which would ensure the natural process of public life in our restless reality. Unfortunately, everyday bloodshed, irreconcilability, malice, and hatred have become our escalating concomitants, while terrorism, political, economic and value-system upheavals have become their direct satellites. How should one confront these? How should one foster the positive qualities of human welfare? How should one project dynamic harmony onto development and ensure the most propitious environment for a human being to live and create? The answer to these questions must be sought in every domain of our existence. Nevertheless, they are conditioned with the fundamental qualities of our collective existence, with the axiology that underlies the basis of constitutionalisation of public life.

Today the constitutional law doctrine faces an issue of extreme importance: how to overcome the defi cit of constitutionality in social reality and make the Constitution a living reality; how to overcome the distortions of national and supranational constitutionality, strengthen the immune system of the public organism and, with its help, convey sustainable dynamism to its development. These issues have attained universal human inclusion, and their solution demands a complex scientifi c approach in putting forward algorithms. The aim of this Volume, a result of combined efforts of scholars with international reputation in constitutional law doctrine and thorough knowledge of real life, is to direct scientifi c concepts towards the search of new solutions and convey necessary value system qualities to political and public legal conscience.

I would like to express gratitude to all colleagues who shared my concerns, agreed to put aside many urgent commitments, and contributed to the creation of this Volume. I am certain that their contribution is extremely important and will be duly appreciated by the reader. Although the best acknowledgement will be the fact that the conceptual approaches raised here will be brought to life, aid in overcoming social cataclysms, and provide safeguards for making people happier through social well being.

The contributions are published in author’s original and are accompanied with trilingual abstracts in Russian, German and French languages. Contributions submitted in German or French are accompanied with abstracts in English.

I would like to thank Alvina Gylumyan, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights, and my young colleagues Vladimir Vardanyan and Anahit Manasyan for their assistance in compiling this Volume.

On behalf of the authors, I would like to express gratitude to the Centre of Constitutional Law of the Republic of Armenia, the Yerevan Office of the German organization GIZ, and the “Arpimed” company for assisting in the publication of this Volume.

Gagik Harutyunyan