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Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia

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Brief Chronics

Since the first year of its formation the RA Constitutional Court has become a member of the European Commission "For Democracy through Law" of the Council of Europe (Venice Commission). One year later, in October 1997, the International Organization "Conference of the organs of constitutional control of the countries of young democracy" has been established, the activity of which is coordinated by the RA Constitutional Court. And in 2000, when Armenia was not a member of the Council of Europe yet, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia was elected as a full member of an international organization "Conference of European Constitutional Courts". Yves Guena, President of the Constitutional Council of France, estimated this unprecedented fact very specifically: "The RA Constitutional Court is already a successful institution and it has become the full member of the Conference due to its active participation and numerous interesting and real proposals".
The organization of the Annual Yerevan International Conference, in cooperation with the European Commission "For Democracy through Law" of the Council of Europe (Venice Commission), has become a new tradition. Each conference was differing from the previous one by its actual topic and the large number of participants. And so, a large number of well-known and authoritative lawyers and constitutionalists participated in 15th Yerevan International Conference. All presented reports, discussions and analyses of the topics of the Conference have been published in the four-language International Almanac "Constitutional Justice in the new millennium" and are placed on the RA Constitutional Court web-site, which, by the way, is recognized as one of the best in the world.
A special compact disk has been prepared by the Constitutional Court, where the Constitutions of 150 countries and their comparative analysis are included. The International Association of Constitutional Law recognized it as an important program and placed it on the web-site of the International Association. This unique program package translated into Russian and English is a concise material for constitutionalists and constitutional courts.
The RA Constitutional Court has elaborated a complex program of comparative analysis of the international official documents, where 1500 documents adopted by the United Nations and all international European institutions are included (in Russian and English). The studying, analyzing and decision forwarding processes of the experience of the European Court and the materials of the European Convention on Human Rights have already finished.
The Centre of Constitutional Law has partially taken the work on preparation of text-books on legal topics, special methodical handbooks have been prepared for teachers, simultaneously, a handbook "Constitutional Review" of G. Harutyunyan have been published for students. Annually organizing the traditional Republican Students and pupils Olympiad "Constitution and Law" is the one of effective methods for a new generation to get acquainted with the principles of constitutional justice. 3 collections of the best pupils works dedicated to the human rights protection have been published. The Council of Young Researchers has been established in the RA Centre of Constitutional Law and library with the rich and newer literature has been established in the RA Constitutional Court. Close relationships have been formed with the numerous schools, thematic meetings have been organized.
55 monographs and 191 scientific articles have been published by the Constitutional Court members and the staff members, 48 reports have been made during International Conferences, and 20 International Conferences have been invited (with participation of around 155 members of constitutional courts of different countries and 52 international experts).
84 volumes of the gazette "Constitutional Court", 74 editions and 8 appendixes of the International Bulletin "Constitutional justice", 15 editions of the International Almanac "Constitutional justice in a new millennium" (published in four languages) have been published and forwarded to more than 50 countries.

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